orals 5th Asia-Pacific NMR Symposium 2013

Laser Photolysis NMR Spectroscopy: Experimental Implementation and Applications in Organometallic and Organic Chemistry (#36)

Graham E Ball 1
  1. University of New South Wales, UNSW Sydney, NSW, Australia

This presentation will describe our home built laser based photolysis system coupled into a 600 MHz NMR spectrometer.  The system is based on a powerful excimer laser system (~8 W @ 248 nm) and uses through space optical guiding1  to deliver the light directly into the sample placed in an unmodified spectrometer/probe combination. Technical and safety issues for running the apparatus in a shared laboratory environment will be discussed.


Applications of our laser photolysis system to study short-lived molecules will be described.  This will include observing reactive organometallic compounds such as [(arene)W(CO)2(alkane)]2  and short lived organic reactive intermediates.

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