Marion Gaborieau 5th Asia-Pacific NMR Symposium 2013

Marion Gaborieau

Marion Gaborieau is a physical chemist and an analytical chemist. Her PhD work, at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPIP, Mainz, Germany) under the supervision of Hans Spiess, was devoted to the characterization of structure and dynamics in polyacrylics for paints and adhesives by solid-state NMR. She then carried out 5 years of research at the Key Center for Polymer and Colloids (University of Sydney), the Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences (University of Queensland) and the MPIP. She broadened her expertise to other polymers - polysaccharides such as starch for nutrition and bioplastics, their composites with synthetic polymers for paper coating, functional polymeric microspheres for chromatography and diagnostics - and to other characterization techniques - chromatography and capillary electrophoresis. She is a research lecturer in the Molecular Medicine Research Group, and School of Science and Health at UWS since February 2010. Her research is devoted to the characterization of complex (bio)polymers with advanced (solid-state) NMR methods.

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